Who is Ameerah?

Ameerah: A gift of everlasting love…

Ameerah means “the princess”

Our all-natural skin care products and our belief in serving others are a tribute to a very special princess.

Ameerah was the name I gave to my first daughter, who died tragically at birth. I always knew I wanted to honor Ameerah’s memory in a special way. After developing and perfecting products for my own skin care, I decided to share what I learned with the world in honor of her. Ameerah’s – A natural, holistic brand for healing and preserving beauty is my loving tribute. Our core values and the way we conduct ourselves in business – Putting the customer first, serving others, and producing the best products possible – are in line with the values and conduct I would have taught … to a very special princess.

God bless you, my child.

Our Core Values


Business isn’t just about the transfer of goods and services. Integrity and virtue are just as important. And it’s an integral part of the Ameerah’s culture.


We’re not a brand without you! We rely on your feedback and suggestions to make Ameerah’s the best it can be.

Best Ingredients

We’re proud to say that everything that goes into our products is from the best available sources, and are always grown naturally.

Made in USA

All of our essential oil body butters are handmade with love and care – right here in America.